Localization Standards Day at Localization World Silicon Valley 2013 – Using Standards to Improve Workflow

Localization World Conference (LocWorld)

LocWorld: Are you going to the upcoming Localization World Conference in Silicon Valley? Then make sure you do not miss the pre-conference day on October 9, 2013. During a full day of high-level sessions we will discuss standards and interoperability in the (translation) industry. TRACOM’s Stefan Gentz will talk at the Standards Day …

John Watkins, CEO of ENLASO and David Filip (#OASIS XLIFF Technical Committee and co-chair of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group) will guide through the day.

Kevin O’Donnell from Microsoft will talk about »Supporting XLIFF in Microsoft Products«. After this Phil Ritchie from Vistatec will talk about Okapi Ocelot, Okapi‘s new editor. The morning will close with a session by Yves Savourel from ENLASO. Yves’ topic is the »Practical Uses of ITS 2.0«.

After a lunch break David Filip (LRC/CNGL, University of Limerick) will talk about »Interoperability Through Open Standards«. Right after this Patricia Bown and Lexie Sabota from Kilgray Translation Technologies will talk about »Standards: Liberation, not Limitation«.

The day will close with the talk »At the End of the Day – A Reality Check« by Stefan Gentz from tracom.de discussing localization standards, where we stand today and which homework has to be done.

You can find the full programm of the Localization Standards Day at localizationworld.com.

In a nutshell: Don’t wait. Register now. Join this highly-informative event which is sure to raise a lot of hot discussions throughout the conference!


Standards Day at LocWorld Silicon Valley 2013

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